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Using Research in Practice in your university.

Research in Practice offers an extensive range of evidence-informed learning and development resources for university members, including students, researchers and teaching faculty.

Drawing on relevant research literature, informed by the knowledge and expertise of practitioners, as well as those with lived experience, our extensive range of evidence-informed learning resources are ideal teaching tools for preparing undergraduate students for social care practice. Learning resources consider current policy and practice issues and are mapped to professional standards and frameworks, to support your learning, teaching and research. They can also be used by faculty staff to meet Social Work England continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for retaining their professional identity as registered social workers.


In the following sections you will find dedicated tools and tips on how to make the most of your membership with Research in Practice; information on our research impact activities and how you can get involved; resources for students to guide learning and practice development; and regular engagement activities for university members.

Accessing the full range of Research in Practice resources requires an online account. This can be accessed and authorised via easy single sign-on (SSO) authentication. If you are not currently a university Partner you can find out more information on our membership page.

Please note, you will need to login to your Research in Practice account to access the university hub. 

University updates and resources

Below you will find links to useful tools and resources including updates, blogs, guidance and publications to support university Partners.