Building organisational resilience, retention and assurance

Research in Practice resources explore and support people working in children’s and adults’ services to consider what it means to build organisational resilience.

Resilience is sometimes misinterpreted as meaning an individual’s ability to cope, instead of looking at the features and conditions of the system in which people can thrive.

The challenging landscape currently facing children’s and adults’ services requires a wide perspective that considers what it means to build a resilient system. 

Research in Practice resources explore:

  • Care Quality Commission assurance
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Regulation and assessment
  • Resilience
  • Wellbeing

In a short video clip, Claire Williams provides an analogy that can support individuals and organisations to consider what resilience means to them. The clip is taken from the organisational resilience podcast. For more information on organisational resilience see:

It is important to consider how we can build resilience, retention and assurance within our organisations. 

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